Recovery Coaches

Recovery Coaches: Professional Advocacy & Support

Perhaps your loved one does not require 24/7 companionship or intensive treatment. Another option in the early stage of recovery is to enlist a recovery coach, also called a sober coach, to help them adjust to a fulfilling and healthy life in recovery. One-on-one recovery coaches help create a completely individualized and collaborative recovery care plan that can be accomplished and communicated telephonically, electronically or on-site at the individual’s convenience.

What Do Recovery Coaches Do?

Our experienced recovery coaches can help your loved one practice critical life skills, cope with difficult situations, and learn relapse prevention techniques. They help identify and address potential challenges in early recovery, and help your loved one set short and long-term recovery goals to support sustainable success in their community.

Heather R. Hayes & Associates’ recovery coaches provide mentoring and education, teach relationship building and solutions-orientated problem solving techniques, and they serve as the individual’s advocate and support team during recovery. Additionally, coaches can help identify recovery resources and other health and well-being promoting activities that will keep you or your loved one sober and healthy.

When are Recovery Coaches Needed?

Recovery coaches are often enlisted in the early stages of an individual’s recovery and are meant for those who do not require intensive care. Recovery coaches provide one-on-one support to help individuals adjust to a fulfilling, healthy lifestyle that is free of their addiction and often provide support and accountability in challenging situations. The frequency of coaching sessions will vary depending on the needs of each client.

A recovery coach acts as a professional advocate and supporter of your loved one’s treatment, offering help when needed as well as flagging warning signs or triggers to consider. If you or a loved one is in need of some extra support to bolster your recovery, contact us at 800-219-0570 or at to get set up with a recovery coach today.


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