Crisis Interventions & Management

Crisis Interventions & Management

Individual crises can stem from a variety of sources: a traumatic incident, long-term substance use, or unhealthy relationships. The responses to these crises vary from individual to individual as well. Each person responds differently to traumatic incidents or unhealthy behaviors, and it can be difficult to know what to do or where to turn for help.

Trying to find a solution for an individual in crisis is a consuming process that can, at times, feel overwhelming. There are so many questions to answer, such as:

“Is treatment necessary?”

“How do we begin to have that conversation?”

“Even if they agree, how do we know the best place to go?”

At Heather R. Hayes & Associates, we help families and individuals navigate the complexities of a crisis and get clear answers to these questions.

Our pre-treatment and crisis intervention services include:

  • Professional guidance following a crisis, such as an overdose, arrest, runaway, etc.
  • Planning and executing crisis interventions
  • Comprehensive treatment planning
  • Safe transport

How Our Crisis Interventions Work

We work directly with families to assess individual needs and develop a plan that meets your needs, and we continue to work closely with you at every point along the way from pre-treatment throughout recovery.

We are experts in crisis interventions and pre-treatment planning. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, Heather R. Hayes & Associates is your reliable guide through treatment and toward healing and recovery. We adhere to a professional, ethical and independent approach to clinical guidance and helping individuals connect with the support services they need. Every individual is different, and their treatment plans should be too.

If you are dealing with a crisis and have questions about your next steps, contact Heather R. Hayes & Associates at 800-219-0570 or email us at to learn how we can help.


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